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Business Overview

CITIC Limited, a Hong Kong listed company, is one of China's largest conglomerate with a strong domestic and global presence. Our businesses include financial services, resources and energy, engineering contracting, manufacturing and real estate,  as well as other businesses both in China and overseas. 


Tracing our roots the beginning of China's opening and reform, we are driven today by the same values that defined our start: a pioneering spirit, a commitment to innovation and a focus on the long term. We embrace world-class technologies and aim always for international best practice. While sectors evolve and economies change, we adapt and our businesses lase. The company has a strong financial track record over the years. Many of our businesses have leading market positions in their respective fields in China. 


Our platform is unique, and we use its diversity and scale to capture opportunities where they emerge, throughout the Chinese economy and around the world. Guiding us as we grow is our fundamental commitment to create long-term value for all of our shareholders. 

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