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Announcements& Circulars

CITIC Limited (HKSE:00267)

Investor Relations

CITIC Limited aims to generate sustainable shareholder value over the long term, and we recognise that effective management of stakeholder relationships, including those with investors, is key to realising that value. We believe that company objectives and shareholder objectives should be aligned for long term value creation, and we hope that our shareholders agree with our conviction that sustainable long term growth is more important than short term gains.

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CITIC Limited (SEHK: 00267) is China’s largest conglomerate and a constituent of the Hang Seng Index. Among our diverse global businesses, we focus primarily on financial services, resources and energy, manufacturing, engineering contracting and real estate. As China’s economy matures and is increasingly weighted toward consumption and services, CITIC is building upon its existing consumer platform, expanding into complementary businesses that reflect these trends and opportunities.

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We run our businesses in a socially responsible manner while creating economic value for our shareholders. In addition to offering a safe and healthy workplace as well as rewarding job opportunities, we place great emphasis on minimising our environmental impacts and ensuring the well-being of the local communities where we operate.

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Employees Grow with the Company

Environmental and Ecological Protection

Join Us

At CITIC Limited, we value our people as important assets who support our long-term business development and sustainability.

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Contact Us

Telephone +852 2820 2111

Fax +852 2877 2771

HK Adress 32nd Floor, CITIC Tower 1 Tim Mei Avenue Central, Hong Kong

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